The Association for Protecting Natural Sites and Old Buildings

In 1960, The Association for Protecting Natural Sites and Old Buildings in Lebanon (APSAD) launched its first appeal to the Lebanese people, in particular to those who “want to preserve our values, harmonious and well-ordered towns and villages, a welcoming Lebanon proud of its past, trustful in its future. Take care: this heritage is sacked, abandoned, despised and disfigured by ugly buildings, incoherent suburbs, and unordered cities without dignity…”

“Save our heritage joined APSAD and supported its action.  APSAD requests all initiatives, accepts all suggestions, saves old buildings, and coordinates all efforts within the field”.

Wherever you go, you will find APSAD’s print actions in Lebanon: a hundred or so “architectural treasures” have been saved through plans, drawings and informative documents.  Regional sections have been opened in Tripoli, Deir el Qamar, Saïda and Aley, in order to enlarge Apsad’s activities to the entire country...

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