Mrs. Nelly Stephan-Abdallah


Mrs. Nelly Stephan-Abdallah

•    Holding degrees in Economic Sciences (BS) and Biology (MS), she worked as journalist with Agence France Presse Office in Nicosia then official with FAO / Lebanon before teaching Sciences and Ecology in a Secondary school in Beirut. Trained in “Environmental Education ", she organized and participated in sessions for students and teachers.

•    Member of APSAD Committee "SOS Environment" since 2000.

•    Since 1995, she participates in campaigns launched by SOS Environment for the protection of endangered sites (natural bridge of Kfardebiane, archeological peninsula of Anfeh, chasm of Dara, quarries, etc).

•    She represents APSAD within "Lebanon Eco Movement" (waste management, rescue of Nahr Brahim valley,  Janneh dam, etc) and within the Gathering for Civil Peace "Wahdatouna Khalasouna".

•    Active member of the hiking group "Le Liban à Petits Pas" and "Association of Cross-country skiing and hiking."