Since 1960 APSAD seeks to achieve its principal aims and objectivesSince 1960 , APSAD seeks to achieve its principal aims and objectives:

  1.  To promote the protection and restoration of ancient buildings with historic and artistic characteristics and the conservation of natural sites.
  2. Act upon laws protecting the architectural heritage.
  3. Encourage investors to participate in this preservation in view of its economic benefits.
  4. Raise public awareness concerning urban and environmental problems.
  5. Strengthen the fabric of society by a general mobilization regarding the national heritage, stimulate publicinterest and encourage a sense of civic responsibility.
  6. Develop architectural and natural sites to the extent that Lebanon can regain the tourism stature it  deserves on a regional scale.
  7. To encourage an architecture and a town planning of high quality.
  8. Also APSAD seeks to raise awareness and educate the public at large and to influence the policies and activities of national and local institutions and authorities through campaigns, conferences and debates, publications, exhibitions, etc.


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